Let this 8 week course take you on a quest to your empowerment, by leveraging  your most valuable asset.

Your Personal Brand.

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Let this Powerful 8 week course transform your life through the understanding of the concept of Public Image. A concept known by some of the most influential individuals in the world. Find out why Steve Jobs suddenly started using turtle neck sweaters for his presentations. And why a hedge fund guy, a lawyer or a DJ are expected to look a certain way.

Learn how some of the most successful and influential people in the world have utilized the concept of Public Image to boost their confidence and influence, and gain the credibility and trust from others.

  • This course will teach you the unbelievable power of sensorial signaling and how you will be able to anticipate what others will perceive from you.
  • Learn with certainty the do’s and don’ts when meeting others.
  • Be able to positively influence what others think of you
  • Discover your own personal style and be recognized because of that
  • Be sure to leave always the impression you intend to inspire in others