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Hi, I’m Alex Ladino.

For more than 25 years, I have provided Bespoke Tailoring, Specialized Alterations and Public Image Consulting Services to men aware of the importance of having well fitted garments and the difference that the right color/garment combination can make to one’s confidence and professional performance.

From Bespoke Tailoring and alteration services to all types of garments, to the creation of an assertive Public Image, fashioned according to the message each client wants to project to his audience in his line of work, my services have made life easier for businessmen, professionals and entrepreneurs who value time and know how important it is to project an image of success.

In a highly competitive and socially driven market place, a well engineered Public Image will make a massive difference in the way people respond to your approach, giving you an edge over your competitors.

My broad expertise in garment design and tailoring, as well as my extensive knowledge and proven success in the field of Public Image, paired with the passion for what I do, gives me a unique advantage in always providing a superb experience for all my clients.

If you are interested in my services, do not hesitate to shoot me an email so we can book a time to chat. It will be an absolute privilege to be able to help you with your wardrobe and Personal Image needs.

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Your Public Image

One of the most important ingredients for your success.

Given the current times of Social Media and instantaneous global reach; aside from your professional, marketing and commercial skills; a well engineered Public Image, will always give you an edge over your competitors whenever you find yourself competing neck to neck at all other areas of your line of work.

The right Public Image will create confidence in you and trust in those you meet. In contrast, people that are not certain about their image, will always have a Competitive disadvantage when working to achieve their goals.

If you are confident in your professional and personal abilities, the right Public Image will be your secret weapon in terms of positively influencing your target audience.

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Bespoke lifestyle products

Alex Ladino Tailoring

Side by side, on their hangers, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between a fine Bespoke suit and a good Off-the-rack all-machine sewn suit. For, it is only when you slip into a garment that has been carefully measured and made to your own exact specifications, that the beauty of the fine details that go into a custom made suit make their presence felt.

I will guide you through the process of choosing the best fabrics and designs that would fit your own physical and psychological characteristics which without a doubt, will show the very best version of yourself. 

Our Services

Your Best Image is Our Goal

  • Personal Style Analysis PSA

  • Wardrobe & Closet Analysis 

  • Shopping Concierge Service

  • Look by Look Wardrobe Arrangement 

  • Grooming Advisor

  • Corporate/Social Media Headshot

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