There is a big difference between a seamstress who can simply perform an alteration for you and an experienced, skilled and professionally trained Designer/tailor who can guide you on how a garment should fit your body.

I have been altering and restyling tailored clothing for men for over two decades.  No job is too BIG or too small for us.  All work is unconditionally Guaranteed to meet your tailoring needs.

Your appearance is extremely important, and your wardrobe contributes significantly to your self-confidence, the impression you make on others, and your success. A perfect fit will help you Look better and feel better. As experts in men’s Bespoke Tailoring, we can help you take that step to your best fitting clothes.

If you are far from the south Florida area, and would like us to do any alterations to your clothes, just contact me at:   [email protected] and let me know what type of work you would like to have made to your garment(s) in order for us to make a quotation for the work you need.

If you feel satisfied with the description of the work and the price of the alteration, you can proceed to send us your garment(s) to our studio located in Fort Lauderdale Fl

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or money back Policy, in order for you to have peace of mind when trusting us with your garments.